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I’m Gem,a Freelance Digital Marketer in India

Hello myself Gem Thomas, Digital Marketing professional with Three years of progressive experience working with clients from SME’s to Digital Agencies, to help them with successful Digital Marketing strategy and execution with a visible impact on marketing ROI and drive results in form of sales, brand awareness and conversions.

Areas of Expertise include

• Content Writing / Content Marketing
• Video Marketing
• Sales Copy Design / Landing Page Design
• Website Design using WordPress
• Email Marketing / Marketing Automation
• Facebook Ads / Instagram Ads / Google Ads
• SEO / Affiliate Marketing
• Social Media Marketing
• Google Analytics / Google Search Console

My responsibilities include:

• I was responsible for doing the 360 degree of digital marketing (Integrated approach to Digital Marketing) on a real time project and delivered the proven results as a leads and sales with proven approach of my mentor called ‘Digital Marketing Lifestyle’
• Defined target audience and built visual customer persona
• Have written landing page content and also designed landing page copy using Mailchimp
• Have promoted it extensively across the web including the video marketing strategies
• Worked with WordPress and designed website
• Executed email marketing campaign and generated tons of leads with organic methods
• I have also done the marketing automation to make sure that I don’t need to put manual efforts in marketing and warming up the leads. It was all automated process from generating cold leads to warming them up
• I have launched the Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Google ads campaign to tap the target audience using paid media approach and generated leads and sales out of it
• Optimized the website pages with the SEO (Executed both On-page SEO and Off-page SEO) and helped the website to ranked first in the Google search
• Researched the right affiliate marketing networks which are suitable for the target audience that can create an additional revenue source for business
• Have done the the social media marketing and engaged target audience on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter